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Versions: Remixed
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20 listopad 2020
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    Dostępny: 20 listopad 2020

Following the recent release of Versions, their album of reimagined versions of some of their best-loved songs, Archive today announce news of Versions: Remixed, released 20th November via Dangervisit through [PIAS] . The album features eleven superb remixes of these tracks by the likes of Darkstar, GLOK (aka Andy Bell of Ride), Vessels, Richard Norris, Russian Linesman and many more.

Talking about Versions: Remixed Archive founding member Darius Keeler says: “I’m always fascinated to see where other artists and producers take our music when they’re given free rein to bring their creativity to the project. The remix concept harks back to the very earliest origins of the band in the club scene of the early 90’s. But these aren’t club remixes, we wanted a remix album that reflects the mood of the original Versions album - contemplative and atmospheric. I think all the remixers involved here have done a fantastic job, I thank them so much for their creative input, I really love the result

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Lights (Version / Darkstar Remix) 3:40
  2. 2 Kid Corner (Version / GLOK Remix) 8:04
  3. 3 Bright Lights (Version / Vessels Remix) 5:39
  4. 4 Fuck U (Version / Taroug Remix) 4:50
  5. 5 Erase (Version / Hope Remix) 6:15
  6. 6 Again (Version / Mount Alaska Remix) 5:42
  7. 7 Pills (Version / Richard Norris Pills In Space Remix) 7:03
  8. 8 Nothing Else (Version / Russian Linesman Remix) 5:12
  9. 9 Remains Of Nothing (Version / BOKKA Remix) 3:59
  10. 10 End Of Our Days (Version / Mount Alaska Remix) 4:59
  11. 11 The Empty Bottle (Version / Archive Remix) 4:18


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