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Distractions In A Capitalist World
Teodor Wolgers
[PIAS] Nordic
Catalogue Number
Release Date
June 11, 2021

Despite his young age, Teodor Wolgers is already a highly meritorious neo-classical composer. His instrumental and often melancholic piano music has already amassed 40 million streams on Spotify alone and his most recent collaboration release, a rework of Daniel Avery & Alessandro Cortini’s 'Illusion of Time' was chosen as Mary Ann Hobbs’ ”Hit Reset Track”, it has received a number of radio plays on BBC Radio 6 and was hailed as ”a cinematic and optimistic masterpiece” by Sian Eleri on BBC Radio 1.

In June 2021 Teodor is releasing his debut album 'Distractions in a Capitalist World'; a highly ambitious concept album questioning the structures of, and the human condition under, modern day capitalism. The ideas revolve around how the ceaseless flood of distractions brought on by capitalism has the tendency to distract us from what’s really important in life. The music on the album offers a place to rest, and an opportunity to distract oneself away from capitalism’s unrealistic demands on self-realization. To further illustrate this, he’s turned to the Swedish Yale professor and academic superstar, Martin Hägglund, who’s doing a reading from his international best seller 'This Life' on one of the album tracks. Teodor has also invited the American poet, Rena Priest, who’s reading of her poem 'The Index' serves as the album closer. Released together with the album, is also a commentary track where Teodor reflects on the themes of the album, using metaphors from a late night walk in Stockholm to further explore the questions and thoughts that the album addresses.

Apart from his solo career, Teodor is also a producer and a songwriter; most recently having worked with pop artists such as Janice, lennix and Elias. In other words, there’s much more than just neo-classical composing on Teodor’s palette; he has written music for symphony orchestras, big bands and for his own music projects such as the pop duo Wilder Gray, the jazz quartet Monologue and the hip hop collective Adiafora. In 2019 he released his first trilogy of EP’s titled 'memories', 'sensations' and 'hopes', the latter widely exceeding his expectations reaching a stellar 15 million streams alone. Since then, he’s signed a record deal with [PIAS] who’s released his previous three EP’s 'notion', 'nocturnes' and 'narratives', inked a deal with booking giant Blixten and released a well-received rework of internationally famous producer and artist Kleerup’s 'Lovers Table' (ft. AlunaGeorge).

Digital Track List

  1. 1 Infinite Circuit 1:47 Buy

    Infinite Circuit

  2. 2 The Happiest Place On Earth 3:04 Buy

    The Happiest Place On Earth

  3. 3 Obliviate 3:11 Buy


  4. 4 Diminishing Returns 2:38 Buy

    Diminishing Returns

  5. 5 Distractions 1:29 Buy


  6. 6 If You Run Through Life, You Will Die Faster 2:08 Buy

    If You Run Through Life, You Will Die Faster

  7. 7 1929 4:05 Buy


  8. 8 Ghosts In The Machine 3:28 Buy

    Ghosts In The Machine

  9. 9 System Failure (feat. Martin Hägglund) 1:29 Buy

    System Failure (feat. Martin Hägglund)

  10. 10 What Are The Youth To Do? 3:49 Buy

    What Are The Youth To Do?

  11. 11 Think Different 2:37 Buy

    Think Different

  12. 12 The Index (feat. Rena Priest) 1:58 Buy

    The Index (feat. Rena Priest)

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