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From The Reapers Vault
Doc Records
Release Date
March 18, 2022

Paganizer is one of the most active and present bands of shred-master Rogga Johansson. This Swedish metal guitar hero is part of many projects/formations as Massacre, Stygian Dark, Heir Corpse One, Warmagic, Revolting, Megascavenger, Ribspreader, Putrevore, Blood Gut, Dead Sun, Graveyard After Graveyard, Necrogod and most recently To The Gallows.

Those who are familiar with the Swedish old school riffmaster Johansson and the works of Paganizer are not expecting some strange out of the box stuff; nope, its Swedish classic 90’s death metal shit as it is supposed to be. This compilation album isn’t a sum up of songs from other albums. Especialy for Doc Records, Rogga did some work on old songs and recorded them again with a little twist.

He also digged into his vault to find never released songs. So it is more than just a compilation, it is some extra from the man himself. If you’re into Paganizer, Revolting and old school Swedish death metal in general this one will nicely rip your face of your bones!

For fans of: Dismember, (old) Entombed, Grave, Necrophobic, Unleashed and Bloodbath.


  1. Scorched Flesh Tactics
  2. Detest You
  3. One Life To Suffer
  4. Cancel Reality I
  5. When Suffering Ends
  6. Cancel Reality II
  7. Like Pigs To The Slaughter
  8. The Ghouls
  9. The Meathammer
  10. This Place Is Rot
  11. Gasmask Obsession
  12. Abortion Van
  13. Hell Is Already Here
  14. Flesh Nest
  15. Vaken Mardrom
  16. Grinded And Exiled V1.0
  17. Fleshnaut V1.0


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