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Doc Records
Release Date
April 1, 2022

‘Warmagic’!, that’s what happens when you have some Swedish friends getting together and aiming for the real old school death metal vibe. This debut, “Foreverwar”, has the grinding old school sound, the groove of a steamtrain on the run and gets you back to the early days of death metal. It has the groove and power of early 90’s Swedish death metal bands as Dismember, Grave and Unleashed, but also the occult rawness of early 80’s metal-bands as Hellhammer, Venom and Celtic Forst. Once more Warmagic features multi-band master-shredder Rogga Johansson (Revolting, Paganizer, Stygian Dark, To The Gallows, Heir Corpse One, Massacre, Ribspreader, Megascavenger a.o.) and he’s accompanied by Nicke Olsson (Putrid Vision, One Day In Pain) on the drums and bass-player Peter Svensson (Void Moon, Heir Corpse One).


  1. Detonation Day
  2. Hammer Of War
  3. The Tourniquet Killings
  4. Attrition Warfare
  5. Death's Life
  6. War Reigns
  7. Demon Core
  8. The Master Of Revenge
  9. War Magic
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