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The Dreadful Threshold
Doc Records
Release Date
April 15, 2022

Besides Paganizer one of the other two primary bands of Mr. Rogga Johansson, Swedish master-metal-guitarist from profession, is Revolting. He started in 2008 as a shredder the one-man-project Revolting and that led him to so many other projects/bands as Stygian Dark, To The Gallows, Heir Corpse One, Megascavenger, Ribspreader and Warmagic. Yes, ofcourse he also already played by then old school Swedish death metal stuff, but with Revolting it has a nice kind of ‘punk-twist’ to it, with lots of uptempo riffs wrecking your ears. “Dreadful Pleasures” and “The Terror Threshold” are a must for metalheads, and now you have Revolting’s first two albums combined on one split-slipcased-cd “The Dreadful Threshold”!

Tracklisting “Dreadful Pleasures”:

  1. Tenafly Viper
  2. Terror Has No Shape
  3. Overtaken By The Crawling
  4. They're Not Human
  5. Moonshine Mutation
  6. Video Vixen
  7. Brainwaves Of Death
  8. Sheetar The Blood Queen
  9. Dreadful Pleasures

Tracklisting “The Terror Threshold”:

  1. Gulp The Blood
  2. The Grip Of Death
  3. Grotesque Beyond Belief
  4. Heads In The Fridge
  5. Rise Of The Revolter
  6. Harvest The Humans
  7. Trigger The Trap
  8. Bloodthirsty Bitches
  9. Destructive Organism


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