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Coral Dusk Reworked
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March 4, 2022
  • Vinyl 1×LP, Limited Coloured


    Red Marbled Vinyl with reworked artwork by artist Kasper Baele

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In May 2020 Patricia Vanneste released her debut album Coral Dusk under the name Sohnarr. A record that she composed and recorded in the most remote places in Sweden and Norway. Back in the civilized world, Patricia seized the opportunity to give her music an additional meaning. Out of a deep conviction that human interaction is permeated by inspiring and being inspired, Patricia not only invited various visual artists over the past year to use her music as a starting point for new work, but also each track of the record was given a new musical life thanks to the hands and minds of 8 diverse artists. Each of them was asked to use one song from Coral Dusk as a source of inspiration for a personal reworking. No rules, no formats, but complete carte blanche. The artwork also received a complete rework thanks to artist Kasper Baele. For his paintings, he drew inspiration from both the music of the record and the original artwork, photos drawn by Patricia Vanneste at the place where every song came to life during her journey.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 Tiptoe (Reworked by Ansatz Der Maschine) 4:06 Buy

    Tiptoe (Reworked by Ansatz Der Maschine)

  2. 2 The Road (Reworked by Avondlicht) 5:11 Buy

    The Road (Reworked by Avondlicht)

  3. 3 The Mermaids of Bergsjøn (Reworked by OUTER) 3:29 Buy

    The Mermaids of Bergsjøn (Reworked by OUTER)

  4. 4 Radar (Reworked by Benjamin Desmet) 4:12 Buy

    Radar (Reworked by Benjamin Desmet)

  5. 5 Playing Hard To Get (Reworked by Chantal Acda) 7:24 Buy

    Playing Hard To Get (Reworked by Chantal Acda)

  6. 6 Melomania (Reworked by Brueder Selke) 7:07 Buy

    Melomania (Reworked by Brueder Selke)

  7. 7 11.10 (Reworked by Paulette Verlée) 3:04 Buy

    11.10 (Reworked by Paulette Verlée)

  8. 8 Östmark (Reworked by Justin Lockey) 16:26 Buy

    Östmark (Reworked by Justin Lockey)


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