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Forever Is Not Eternal
Dead End
Doc Records
Release Date
May 20, 2022

From 1988 till 1993 the Dutch doom/death metal band Dead End was considered as one of the pioneers and the most-promising ones in this style. They got attention of quite some good labels, but unfortunately it never came to a full length release, not until after the reunion in 2015. After two demo’s (“Tales” - 1991 & “Purity” - 1992) and the 7” vinyl-single “Wartime In Eden” (1993) the band splitted.

The first songs had more pure Swedish death metal influences from bands as Dismember, Unleashed and Obituary, while the later songs - from the second demo, with new bass player Alwin Roes (Wish, Stygian Dark) - also had more doom influences from bands as Candlemass, My Dying Bride, Anathema and Paradise Lost.

The label Vic Records released these tracks as a compilation cd in 2014. After the release was quickly sold out, now Doc Records does a re-release of this album in a slipcase-cd-edition and the songs are pressed up for the first time on 3 different vinyl-formats (black, clear gold smoked and gold marmered).


  1. Forever
  2. This Heresy
  3. Angelthing
  4. Purity
  5. Shroud
  6. Revelations
  7. Bleeding
  8. Marked (For Life)
  9. Journey To Midian
  10. Tales From The Real Life

Dead End

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