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Caribbean Frights
Heir Corpse One
Doc Records
Release Date
October 28, 2022

Heir Corpse One was formed in 2020 by master-shredder Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Massacre, Stygian Dark, Revolting, and many more) and bass-player Peter Svensson (Cales, Assassin’s Blade, Void Moon), with the aim to create dirty old school classic Swedish Death Metal with more than a nod to the infamous ‘Sunlight Studio’ production and sound. The band is completed by Kjetil Lynghaug (Mordenial, Vredesblod, Paganizer) on lead guitar and Marcus Rosenkvist (Assassin’s Blade, Void Moon, To Descend, Anchorite) on drums.

The debut-album “Fly The Fiendish Skies” was a full-fledged concept album telling the story of a group of wealthy individuals trying to escape the pandemic by chartering a private jet. However they crash-landed and had to turn to cannibalism thus creating zombies. The image is completed with the band taking of the role of zombified airline captains. The story takes another turn on this macabre EP; the zombies have landed now in the Caribbean and the themes of the songs revolve around Caribbean folklore, demons, undead and an unhealthy dose of the Cthulu mythos!

For fans of: Unleashed, Grave, Entrails, Bloodbath and (old) Entombed.


  1. The Wraith
  2. Blood In The Shade
  3. Dwellers Beneath The Sand
  4. Thunderground
  5. A South Sea Burial

Heir Corpse One

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