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Ha Ha Heartbreak
Play It Again Sam
Catalogue Number
Release Date
11 listopada 2022
  • Winyl 1×LP


    Heavyweight 12” vinyl, 3mm spined sleeve, uncoated sleeve. Printed cardboard inner sleeve with lyrics.



  • CD


    4 panel digisleeve. 1 disc and a 12 pages lyrics booklet.



It has been half a decade since Warhaus, the brainchild of Maarten Devoldere (Balthazar), suddenly conquered our musical hearts with the triumphant double victory of We Fucked a Flame into Being (2016) and Warhaus (2017). The songs of the brand-new album Ha Ha Heartbreak came gushing out if him in a mere three weeks in the sultry city of Palermo. All Devoldere needed was the solitude of a hotel room, a guitar, a microphone, and a heart that had recently been broken in thousands of pieces. The sorrow was hard to handle, so, of course, Sicily was an escape. But as it goes, those who try to outrun life quickly run into themselves.​

Song after song, Maarten Devoldere dismantles his own pose. He looks at himself without mercy and, honestly, what he sees doesn’t exactly make him happy.​

The sound, however, remains wonderfully light. It swings and glows with tantalizing strings, sensual backing vocals, horns, playful piano parts, anything to lighten the load. It allows Ha Ha Heartbreak to be a moving emotional exploration as well as a vessel of great musical richness.

Lista utworów

  1. 1 Open Window 5:36 Kup

    Open Window

  2. 2 When I Am With You 5:37 Kup

    When I Am With You

  3. 3 It Had To Be You 3:03 Kup

    It Had To Be You

  4. 4 Time Bomb 4:54 Kup

    Time Bomb

  5. 5 Desire 4:15 Kup


  6. 6 I'll Miss You Baby 4:05 Kup

    I'll Miss You Baby

  7. 7 Mondello's Melody 1:00 Kup

    Mondello's Melody

  8. 8 Batteries & Toys 4:07 Kup

    Batteries & Toys

  9. 9 Shadow Play 4:02 Kup

    Shadow Play

  10. 10 Best I Ever Had 3:18 Kup

    Best I Ever Had


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