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Good Humor (Anniversary Color Vinyl Edition + Ltd Edition Saint Etienne Los Angeles '99 CD)
Saint Etienne
Heavenly Recordings
Release Date
10 fevereiro 2023
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    • Los Angeles '99 CD Ltd Edition Live CD

    • Good Humor Vinil, 1×LP Anniversary color vinyl edition

    Disponível: 10 fevereiro 2023

Marking the 25th anniversary of Good Humor, Saint Etienne present a special splatter vinyl reissue edition of the eleven-track collection. This features the original LP artwork and inner sleeve with a transparent green, dark green and white splatter vinyl.

D2C exclusive: fans who order on or before December 13th 2022 will receive a special bonus free 10 track live CD in a specially designed card wallet entitled Saint Etienne / Los Angeles ’99 – 10 songs recorded on the North American tour for Good Humor.


Side A

  1. Wood Cabin
  2. Sylvie
  3. Split Screen
  4. Mr. Donut
  5. Goodnight Jack

Side B

  1. Lose That Girl
  2. The Bad Photographer
  3. Been So Long
  4. Postman
  5. Erica America
  6. Dutch TV


  1. Introduction
  2. Nothing Can Stop Us
  3. Lose That Girl
  4. Hug My Soul
  5. Goodnight Jack
  6. Erica America
  7. Been So Long
  8. The Bad Photographer
  9. Sylvie
  10. He’s On The Phone

Saint Etienne

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