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Radio Red
Display Artist
Laura Groves
Bella Union
Catalogue Number
Release Date
11 agosto 2023
  • Vinil 1×LP

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    • 140g black vinyl LP
    • 3mm Spined Outer Sleeve, 300gsm, Matt Machine Varnish
    • Paper Inner Sleeve
    • 4/4 4pp Poster 600x300mm (300mm square folded), 90gsm Gloss Paper

Much of Radio Red, the first full length album Laura Groves has released under her own name, was written, produced and recorded by Groves in her studio, watched over by two radio transmitting towers. “I became very drawn to them and they became like symbols to me; they were always awake, sending their messages, the red lights always came on at night and watched over whatever was going on in my life.” The album deals with themes of communication - missed and intercepted signals, chance meetings, synchronicities, the channels through which we try to express our true feelings, the outside interference that can get in the way and the joy of letting go and allowing the messages to flow freely.

Self-recording and production is a core part of Laura’s songwriting process. “I remember years ago getting hold of some basic recording software and being instantly drawn in. The idea of being able to layer up my voice was a dream, like building an orchestra out of what I had at home.” The passion for home-recording, using the resources available at the time, working through limitations and capturing textures through layering, forms the foundation of Groves’ experimental and off-centre pop music and electrified folk music. The sound world of Radio Red is made up of echoes and snapshots of half-remembered pop songs, piano ballads, chopped up TV theme tunes, ambient synthesised sounds and electronic music; tuning in between channels without fully belonging to any one of them, with the comfort, familiarity and strangeness that can come with hearing voices on the radio.

Lista de Faixas Digitais

  1. 1 Sky At Night 4:31 Comprar

    Sky At Night

  2. 2 Good Intention 3:42 Comprar

    Good Intention

  3. 3 Synchronicity 4:32 Comprar


  4. 4 D 4 N 5:25 Comprar

    D 4 N

  5. 5 I'm Not Crying 4:30 Comprar

    I'm Not Crying

  6. 6 Any Day Now 4:05 Comprar

    Any Day Now

  7. 7 Time 4:57 Comprar


  8. 8 Sarah 4:19 Comprar


  9. 9 Make a Start 3:46 Comprar

    Make a Start

  10. 10 Silver Lining 4:32 Comprar

    Silver Lining

Laura Groves

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