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Live At Roadburn 2011
Dead Meadow
Roadburn Productions
Release Date
January 28, 2022

Dead Meadow played the last day, what was then called the Afterburner, and their slot could not have been more appropriate. Sandwiched between Coffins and evening headliners Black Mountain on the Main Stage, they offered a mellow-heavy hour that was utterly consuming. People in the back sat down. Not out of fatigue, though it has been a long weekend by then, but just to let the warmth of Jason Simon‘s buzzing guitar wash over them. Joined by Steve Kille on bass and Mark Laughlin on drums, Simon‘s urfuzz and unfailingly drifting vocals filled that space with a laid back vibe and groove that “Live At Roadburn 2011” presents in all its Sasquatch-inclusive righteousness.

This ‘heavy chill’ live-set was something special, from dense Orange-toned stoner rock riffing to open-stretch jamming psychedelia, groovy laid back vibes, funky rolling swings and some heavy boogie blues. Dead Meadow sounded glad to be there, like they were rising to the occasion, like they realized it was more than just another gig, and “Live At Roadburn 2011” resonates all the more for documenting that so well.


  1. Good Moanin’
  2. Let’s Jump In
  3. What Needs Must Be
  4. Indian Bones
  5. September
  6. Rocky Mountain High
  7. Beyond The Fields We Know
  8. At Her Open Door
  9. Sleepy Silver Door
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