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Live At Roadburn 2011
Acid King
Roadburn Productions
Release Date
March 11, 2022

First live album by Acid King. This live-recording is mixed by Billy Anderson and mastered by Justin Weis. The arwork is done by Richard Schouten based on the original poster art from the show, that was held on the 14th of April 2011.

Acid King are a stoner rock/metal band originating from San Francisco, California. Forming in 1993 by frontwoman, guitarist and vocalist Lori S. along with bassist Peter Lucas and drummer Joey Osbourne the trio quickly earned a reputation among the stoner scene for their heavy low-end sound, their spacey atmosphere and Lori's distinctive vocal delivery;

“The smell of hashish washed over the crowd at the Tilburg venue, and as a projection of horror and biker flicks was kicked into motion, the blistering opening riff splintered through the crowd. As the cosmic riff grooved along, Lori S’ sultry and hypnotic vocals took hold, and soon the bands sheer presence and powerful sound became captivating. The band’s lumbering, bluesy sound perfectly evoked the atmosphere of the festival and through many of their tracks, the bass rumbled through the jiving crowd. Through each planet destroying riff a multitude of scorching lights shone over the crowd, soon the room was a hot, sweaty vortex of sound. While the band played a wide range of songs from their numerous albums, the stunning sound system was incredibly immersive and complemented the music perfectly.”


  1. Busse Woods
  2. 2 Wheel Nation
  3. Silent Circle
  4. On To Everafter
  5. Coming Down From Outer Space
  6. Electric Machine
  7. Sunshine And Sorrow
--:-- --:--

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