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Et Alter Av Forakt
Musikk Operatorene
Release Date
September 29, 2023
  • Vinyl 1×LP

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    limited coloured vinyl edition in black and blue marbled

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    Estimated release date: September 29, 2023

  • CD

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    Estimated release date: September 29, 2023

For fans of: Burzum, Satyricon, Einherjer, Enslaved, Emperor, Summoning, Bathory and Ulver.

The old school black metal band Ene hails from a small village deep in the forests of Norway, where it came to life slowly in the mind of its creator Erik E. as the void after Weh, his previous dark acoustic neo-folk band, grew bigger and needed to be filled. The prelude of Ene is the history of Erik E. who is the only one, as the band name suggests. In addition to the four releases he did with Weh for Soulseller Records, Erik E. was the original author of Norwegian black metal magazine Warthog in the ‘90s. Living in the same village as the infamous band Windir, he became close with bandleader Valfar (RIP) and later did a guest vocalist appearance with the remaining Windir-members under the band-moniker of Vreid.

By summer 2020, Erik began his preparations composing songs for Ene’s debut album “Lang Kald Natt”; both harsh and melodic, mirroring the brutality and beauty in nature itself. Lyrically the album deals with dark forests, old folklore, destruction, spirituality… and The One. Dan Swano was involved to master the debut album, which in his words was described as: “The sound on Bathory's first two albums sounds smooth like Avicii compared to this”, and after his mastering it was: “still necro as fuck, but at least possible to listen to without permanent ear damage!".

Now it’s time for Ene’s second album "Et Alter Av Forakt”. It is a natural next step musically, while still focusing on primitive and atmospheric black metal. The recording shines with a far more refined production, but holds the same cold and desperate feelings; primal and instinctive, though sophisticated, with some dark neo-folk elements. The mixing was done this time by Morten N, and Dan Swano did his magic on the mastering again. Lyrically the album describes the souls of a lost world, where our purpose and existence is fragile and perhaps equally lost. Behold the musical abyss of Ene!


  1. Alvelys
  2. Sangen Var Morket
  3. De Sorte Kolonner
  4. Som Rotter Ut Av Jordens Dyp
  5. Evighetens Nadelose Eksistens
  6. Natt Til I Morgen
  7. Et Alter Av Forakt
  8. Stillheten
--:-- --:--

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