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[PIAS] Recordings Belgium
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April 28, 2023

Glints sophomore album ‘THE DARK!’ finally released on vinyl as Deluxe Edition incl 3 extra tracks feat. Jan Paternoster,Yong Yello and Faisal!

Whereas before, the music was more focused on rapping, on this album, Glints finds a balance between singing and rapping. Showing off his vocal and songwriting abilities even more, fully embracing his growing up as an opera choirboy and playing in bands throughout his teenage years. It’s not just the singing that is reminiscent of his early choirboy years; the sound palette of the album leans towards the operatic and grandiose, making use of majestic horn sections (and of course, choirs) all over the tracks. The electronic side which we know Glints so well for, however, never disappears. What we get is a well-rounded and mature artist exploring what is possible. This translates to a powerful and focused selection of tracks that is all killer, no filler. As always, the production was provided by Glints’ best friend and beat-brother-in-arms Yong Yello, who is also a member of the Antwerp Abattoir Anvers collective.

One word to best describe the album would be ‘cinematic,’ and this is no coincidence as the album is set up as a movie called ‘THE DARK!’. On this ‘soundtrack,’ Glints explores and investigates the darkness in each and every one of us through character studies of dark archetypes while making use of classic movie tropes: the peeping Tom in ‘Rear Window,’ the modern-day lonesome cowboy in ‘Taurine Rider,’ the cheat in ‘She Flew The Coop,’ the narcissistic asshole in ‘Just A Prick,’ and even the dark personified in the title track ‘The Dark!’. Though this might seem gloomy in theory, playfulness and musicality are always kept at the forefront. The album never becomes scary but is an immersive and highly entertaining collection of short story tracks.

On his sophomore album, Glints is in good company, with features from Roméo Elvis, Blu Samu, Feux (UK), and even Belgian legend Daan. Next to hit single ‘Roma,’ the album is jam-packed with catchy tracks that have everything it takes to become instant Glints classics.

Digital Tracklist

  1. 1 A Crack Of Thunder Glints 2:21 Buy

    A Crack Of Thunder

  2. 2 Just A Prick Glints, Roméo Elvis 4:01 Buy

    Just A Prick

  3. 3 Roma Glints 4:15 Buy


  4. 4 So Sorry Glints, Blu Samu 3:41 Buy

    So Sorry

  5. 5 She Flew The Coop Glints 3:08 Buy

    She Flew The Coop

  6. 6 All In Glints 2:44 Buy

    All In

  7. 7 The Dark! Glints, Daan 4:07 Buy

    The Dark!

  8. 8 Rear Window Glints 3:17 Buy

    Rear Window

  9. 9 Taurine Rider Glints 3:36 Buy

    Taurine Rider

  10. 10 Roma (Remix) Glints 3:11 Buy

    Roma (Remix)


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